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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The shot...

The Surfer's Journal

It's always been a lingering dream of mine to get a surf photo in maybe the most respected surf magazine in print. My good friend Bob Kulisek not only got a shot of me in there, but also a really cool article. I can't find the portrait but will post up the surf shot.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Van troubles

The story of my life seems to always involve van problems. I was born and raised a van guy and today my recently repaired van snapped a steering rod that was connected to the ball joint. Luckily I drive slow and conservative. So I've been thinking alot about new wheels. Practical logic says new but I'd like something with style. Here's my second delivery van treated as if were one of those Honda yuppie trucks. I love this thing, might pull the trigger...

Current coffee inventory

Fair trade organics:
Peru, Sumatra, Colombian , Nicaraguan, Guatemalan, Ethiopian yirgacheffe , mexican,sunshine blend, decaf sumatra, decaf Peru, decaf Mexican.
Kenya, sulawesi Celebes kallossi, costa rica, Yemen mocha, hazelnut, French vanilla, toasted macaroon, Irish creme, jersey blueberry, pavones blend, monks blend, beans blend, espresso, original blend. cart coming soon, but for now, this should work.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love the signature

I love it when the shaper puts my name on the board, really personal. It's the knowing that the board was crafted with you in mind. The color is really unique merlot with candy apple green which is really an interesting metaphor for me. I'm always projecting merlot but deep down inside I'm all apple Boone's farm...

I got a new board today...with perfect 3 foot peelers to try
it out too. It was shaped and glassed by Zephaniah Carrigg
from Ventucky, CA. He's a really talented shaper, glasser and has a great eye for color.

Zephaniah Carrigg