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Friday, April 3, 2015

New stuff

Lots of new coffee varieties going on. This new Peru had been bugging me. Kinda over malted maybe a little too much tobacco... I always roasted Peru really oily-not french roast oily burnt but dark. So I started messing around going super light-like barely brown and started tweaking it and tasting it until I ended up right here which is really nordic style. Now it aint like grabbin a bag at ikea or anything but for whatever reason(perhaps my roasting will hasn't been forced on it) the flavor REALLY pops. I put an extra bit in the normal dose .27lb per 64 oz of water for those counting at home and wala-perfect Peruvian. Rich, fruity no malt or tacky aftertaste, its a winner. Anyway I am going to be approaching a couple other varieties in a similar fashion in the next couple weeks so stay tuned. Some of this stuff isn't in the store yet because its not where I want it so its not ready for market. Some of them are Colombian Suaves, Chiapas Mexico, and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. All are in various stages of post-production so they are close but not there.Peace.