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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chemex coffee brewer

So I've been tired and frustrated with conventional coffee brewers. The drip method always seems, though convenient, lackluster. It doesn't really wet the grinds properly so coffee is actually wasted, heaven forbid. So over the years I've accumulated various coffee brewers, modern and vintage . So when I came across this glass vase thing I was intrigued. Developed by a chemist in the 40's, this brewer works like a drip maker should. The process is simple. You boil some water on the side, let it cool down for about 30 seconds and pour the water slowly and carefully over the coffee grounds that are nestled into a specially designed cone filter. The coffee then gently seeps through all the grounds trapping every ounce of flavor and zero aftertaste. The beauty of this process is you can control how much or how little extraction you want. Plus it's all glass so it can completely clean. The process reminds me a bit of decanting wine with cheesecloth. Anyway the coffee is amazing. Currently I'm enjoying dawn patrol blend.

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  1. Dear Roastmaster,

    Wet the beans a tad before you pour the 200 degree water over the whole brew. This allows the beans to 'bloom' and results in even finer brews.

    How can I order whole beans from Harry & Beans? There used to be a website that showed who sold beans, etc but it seems to elude my grasp. I did order six pounds of decaf fair trade beans last winter but have no success in finding a phone number or contact. Can you help?