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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reading the funniest stuff on forums lately...

so this post has been cracking me up all day. i couldn't sleep so instead of lying there forcing it why not check out some of the many forums I check into from time to time. There are so many internet characters out there that show up in the diversity of my interests, their personalities are really similar regardless of the subject matter. For instance, you could be on a yoga forum and there will be a pompous claimer about the good old obscure days of yoga or another site dedicated where the hallowed history of baseball is over-glorified  and then move on to a chopper site taking about the only real chopper is a knucklehead. where it is if the same guy has posted on all three topics on different sites in the same bitter -used -to-be authentic tone...someday I'd like to write a book on forum characters and their internet steroid personas ... anyway I happened upon a rave topic and this post answers one of those old-timers in an ironical kinda way. here goes:
"mid to late 90's in Chicago = EPIC!!!

they had this laser tag place called Photon that closed in the mid 90's where i used to go to birthday parties as a kid, then raves as a teenager/college student. they had two of these two floored areans, complete with tunnels, balconies and all types of crazy shit that they used to hold CRAZY parties in. the building was/is owned by the mob so the cops never did anything. it is now a strip club and i went there a few weeks ago for my bachelor party."

ha ha ha ha ha  I used to love Photon

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