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Thursday, December 20, 2012

What I want for Christmas is a new Evo engine...

So the story goes like this I am coming outta North Wildwood going maybe 70mph in the passing lane and just when I get to the top of the bridge the motor cuts out on my bike, no noise, no throttle response just dead. So I coast down the first bridge and think its electrical so I try popping the clutch to no avail. Anyway checked the fuel, had some so anyway after going over the bike I couldn't figure out what the heck happened so I started pushing. 3-4 miles later I realized how bad of an idea it is to push a 700 lb bike around.
So I ended up at a shop where diagnostics tells me I need a new engine and $4000 to put it in and yadda yadda yadda some motorcycle types and I grabbed the bike and put it in my shop for later.

Turns out since it busted in late August I haven't had time to really mess with it until Sandy happened. So I hunkered down at the factory the night the storm hit and pulled it apart. Busted crank and a really messed up case. So I took the case to Nick's up in Williamstown to get patched up and I haven't been back to see how its coming along. It is brutal everyday looking at that naked bike and 50 degree weather almost daily this whole month so wish me luck and extended patience. Merry Christmas everybody

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