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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Observations on being late to the party back from vacation, first off this fin is the bomb-it's a bullet fin about 9" or so and has this bulbous formation at the base. I got this fin in a complicated three way surfboard trade a couple years ago and used it a couple times but it hummed like crazy at high speed-drove me nuts live a beehive strapped under the back of the board. So on a whim, I took this lunatic fin down to Playa Guionnes with some 80 grit sandpaper and began to modify. Wow! No more hum and a nice tight flex pattern, lovely... can't praise this fin enough, its awesome. I can't believe I wrote this thing off as a gimmick for so long.
Second, I forgot to hit up the library for a couple books for the hot afternoons down there and I snagged this novel from the eighties...holy smokes this guy is way entertaining, best book I've read in a long time.Alot of satire in here, legit stream of consciousness stuff-kinda like a modern faulkner or something...I really laughed out loud about 50 times...where have I been can't believe I never heard of Don Delillo's White Noise....
you can borrow my copy if you bring me something cool to read.
Thirdly these crocs are the best shoes on earth! I can't believe I said it but I did. Comfy comfy comfy comfy
and they make standing in the factory all day ultra bearable. I must take this opportunity to apologize to everyone from ohio that visits and I snickered at their crocs but you all are genius, I praise you.
Finally this song I can't get enough of Yppah----
anyway I'm back to work.

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