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Thursday, March 28, 2013

In blends,new places to buy coffee I've been really busy at the factory doing custom blends for some new accounts and old.
There's a really great place down at Cape May Point that I'm wrassling up a new blend for so I am going back to my strong yet smooth motto and making it happen. I pulled the final test shot through my espresso maker this morning so now I'll run it through the drip coffee maker today to make sure its right.
FTO Costa is heavilly involved in this blend with various stages of roasting to get it where I want it and of course where the customer  wants it. Location and blend premiere coming forthright. Meanwhile I have about six other new blends I am working on for some other new places to eat and such so needless to say I'm over caffienated...
I got a neat little citrusy blend I'm working on for the spring/summer to pair with the lighter summer fare at Steve & Cookies in Margate.

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