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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harry and Beans Coffee label art

I often get asked why only some of my blends have special art on the bags and why not all and my response is always it takes alot of time. Jamie kelly has produced some of the most popular blend label art such as Cookies Good Karma and Dawn Patrol. Naho recently rendered some colored pencil work for the upcoming labels for Organic Costa Rican and Zicatela blend. I really love the colors and am looking forward to the final finished work to I can transfer it to the bags for your viewing pleasure.
...on a side note, a very special thanks to the folks at the Stone Harbor Farmers Market on Sunday making it the most successful market ever over there, glad you are all digging the coffee and supporting the cause.


  1. Talula Love Bottoms has time to draw up some bags whenever you need her to. Bottoms up.

    Love the first drawing with verbiage. Rad.

  2. Sounds awesome Talula! off the top of my head, premium blend needs some art, inspired by gasoline and I think honduras cozugal.
    i'll hit up the email thingy