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Friday, July 8, 2011

While waiting for coffee and waves...

Pallet day at Harry and beans Coffee. Some times the trucks are on time, other times traffic and other hangups keep me waiting for hours for delivery of green beans. So in the meantime, I try to find something constructive to do. Tomorrow, the forecast is calling for a little swell to push in so I thought I'd hack out another finless surfcraft for the waves. Most of the time I've been switching between riding finless when the waves are onshore and longboarding the clean stuff. This little number was taken from a salvaged soft board and I cut it down to 5 foot. Discovery is a wonderful thing. I found out these softies have parrellel stringers nose to tail so now I can shape it down alot thinner than I thought and keep some of the stiffness intact.
Well I'm halfway there and the coffees here so I'm off to roast, I'll finish her up tonight for tomorrow's dawn patrol.

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