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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Harry and Beans Coffee via mail

Ok, so those of you reading this blog have suffered through some pretty bizarre procedures to get my coffee sent to your house. It is no secret to the people closest to me I have very little affinity to technology and am certainly somewhat of a recluse. So if you don't want to drive out to the roastery in the hopes of catching me there, (I know its hard to figure me out), check out the new store link over on the right hand corner. I am offering up two pound packages for $21.99 shipped in the U.S. for $5.99 or order 2 packages and I'll ship them for free. As for now I will not be hassling you by email but trying to rebuild this thing organically from the ground up. I have no interest in being the next petes or amazon or whatever. I just want people to dig my coffee and get it in their mailbox.
So no more third party nonesense, no more weird emails, no more lame specials. Just great, delicious coffee from my own two hands.

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