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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Harry and Beans Premium Blend

So I've been roasting Premium Blend for about ten years or so...recently I decided to re-visit the blend to make it pop a bit. I roasted up the kenyan component a bit darker and lightened the sumatra. What happenend was amazing, full bodied smokey flavors with a much more accentuated winey aftertaste , yum! So its still and amazingly fun coffee to drink but with a much more aggressive character...did a couple pulls through the espresso maker and I am blown away...I added it up to the webstore so grab some for next week


  1. It's good to tweak things from time to time, even the great stuff. Otherwise things can be as boring as major manufacturers who depend on machines and chemicals to keep a consistent but incredibly dull product offering. The smaller operation with the artistic element from you is what sets your coffee apart as superior. It's a happy surprise in every cup.
    Now get ready to ship some decaf to CO. :P

  2. Thanks Constance! happy surprise, I love that