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Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Motorcycle-Harley Koolaid drinker

So my Dad decided to retire from many years of work and many years of motorcycling. I am one lucky proud son to get my hands on this...I remember all the drama of him ordering this thing and the long wait to get it. He ended up surprising my Mom with the color. Now they can begin their life on the road with a couple extra wheels and I couldn't be happier for 'em. So the bike will undergo some somewhat significant changes under my hands- I'm really liking the Mad Max motif he already started but the color stays for sentimental reasons. A truck driver on a delivery today said he was gonna start calling me Barney. I ripped around the block a couple times, lean and mean. Anyway you will hear me coming a mile a way because loud pipes save lives, stay tuned!


  1. Yeah…I know the feeling. An old motorcycle feels so much of a treasure than new ones, especially Harleys. There’s something about its traditional look that makes you feel proud. A Mad Max motif would be great! Good luck with the changes.

    Jessie Bluitt

    1. That's right, Jessie. It won’t be long before these Harleys would be considered as collector's items. Actually, I know a few people who bought Harleys not only because they rock the streets, but they’re soon to go rare too - which means they'll be more expensive in the future.

      Claudio Mccarty

  2. Road Warrior it is. : ) Loud pipes do save lives. I agree with Jessie that there’s something about a bike’s traditional look that makes you feel proud. Any updates on the mods? Great looking ride, by the way!

    - Erik Lucien -

  3. been looking to do an update, right now the lower end is cooked with a cracked crank. The case is over at nick's in williamstown. Im trying to be patient