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Monday, June 4, 2012

Some sweet scoots @ Wildwood East Coast Classic

Did a little ride with about 100 or so other scoot enthuasists on Saturday, good times for sure.-i did get dusted on the causeway outside of Stone Harbor but thats to be expected since i got only 49cc's and against the wind, oh the excuses ha ha ha...

fun times trying to win this red & white lambretta i think i bought 81 tickets but didn't win, but i did win a couple cool other prizes ... oh well, hopefully they return en masse next year, good times seeing and ridin with 'em


  1. I didn't know you had a scooter. So cool! I've been thinking about getting one. I got a regular bicycle for now but I'm looking for a good deal on a used scooter. Seems like a great weekend sightseeing toy! Lots of scenic spaces round here. :)

  2. If you can find a Honda metropolitan, they are really nimble and reliable and pretty fast with a couple mods.... I have the ruckus similar engine and geometry but heavier